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January 21, 2020

About Modern Freelance


We are a small group of freelancers. Some of us have been freelancing since the 1990s, and other have started more recently. Regardless, the one element that most ties us together is that we have all been relatively successful in our freelance endeavors. Over the years we've each made mistakes, some small, some big. We've learned from those mistakes and have been able to build upon those experiences with positive transformations to ensure they don't occur again.

In 2010 a few of us got together and decided to build a site dedicated to helping other freelancers and contractors. As is often the case when it comes to launching a new website, it's took us longer than we anticipated, but finally went live in March 2011.

Our objective is to use our combined experience to help others avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes many freelancers and contractors make, especially when they first get into the world of freelancing. We also want to welcome others with experience in the field to contribute to our conversations with ideas, stories and advice of their own.


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