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January 29, 2020

35 Jobs to Hire Freelance Contractors For

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Without a doubt, starting an online business can be a very smart decision. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you need to work alone 24/7. As a matter of fact, a lot of freelance contractors now exist out there that can give you everything you need to make your online business succeed.

Creative Freelance Services

1. Blog Content

No matter what your blog might be about, it will show how engaged, updated and active you are in your particular field. Blogs that are updated on a regular basis usually catch people's attention more, so try looking for a great online freelancer who can write witty and punchy blog posts for you with ease.

2. Copywriting

The world might be getting more automated and electronic by the day, but every new business nowadays needs good writing, in general, before it can truly shine. So, look for a brilliant freelance copywriter who can create brochures, blog articles, taglines, ads, reports and letters for you that can really sizzle and sell.

3. Advertising

Regardless of whether you want to set up a flash ad on somebody's website, a print ad in the newspaper or an electronic billboard in the city, you can hire freelance ad specialists to create impressive print or online ads for you. Keep in mind that the best ads need both great design and writing, though, so you have to hire a highly skilled individual or a team to work on this for you.

4. Graphic Design

A freelance online graphic designer is practically a necessity if you want to create good signage, brochures, banners or letterheads for your new business. The best part is that this doesn't need to be a one-off project. You can actually keep your freelance designer on and have him work for a few hours every week if you need designs on a regular basis for product marketing or development. Think about it.

5. Logo Creation

A logo is important for the identity of every business. In fact, it is usually the first thing that people see, so it would be vital to hire a freelance designer who can effectively put your ideas into fruition. Talk to your designer in detail about what you want your logo to portray and make sure that you put your logo on your website, your business cards, your letterhead and your email signature once it's done.

6. Writing Newsletters

Great companies communicate on a regular basis. So, after creating your website, you should really think about hiring a freelance writer who can write regular newsletters for you. If you want, you can even provide your freelancer with topics and give him ideas for the newsletters (after all, it is your company). Then, you can rely on his magic to boost sales and promote awareness about your business.

7. Video Production

If you want to really dazzle your clients, you can highlight your business with online videos by hiring a freelance video production expert. Video production experts can produce professional and polished demos and videos for your events, conferences and business websites that can help promote your business in no time.

8. Voice Talent

If you are interested in creating a podcast or commercial, you need to find the perfect voice talent for your business's tone. As you start your business, look for available freelance voice talents and look for ones that could really suit your business.

IT Freelance Services

9. E-commerce

E-commerce happens to be today's leading sales source for the majority of small businesses out there, so organizing your website for sales is absolutely vital. Fortunately, a freelance e-commerce specialist can set up and install payment systems for you, as well as install back-end solutions, such as inventory tracking and order management and fulfillment.

10. Mobile Applications

If your business is in need of an Android or iPhone app for revenue streams, you can hire a freelancer to turn your mobile app ideas into reality. So, if you have a smart idea for iPhone apps or if you merely want to contact your customers through your mobile phone, you don't have to let your lack of experience in programming stop you from helping your business move ahead anymore.

11. Project Management

A freelance specialist in project management should be able to concentrate on every single project detail there is - the specs, the responsibilities, the roles and the delivery dates. So, if you want to stay on budget and on schedule, hire a freelance project manager today.

12. Software Testing

Hiring a freelance software tester can help your reduce the frequency and amount of problems in your services and products, so make sure you hire one every time you add new features onto them.

13. Web Analytics

Do you know who visits their website or where these people are from or how long they stay on your website? How many people actually buy your products through your website? If you face customers on your website more than anywhere else, then you have to ensure that you are doing everything that you can for your business online, most of all when you are just starting out. Fortunately, a web analyst can help you figure out what works, what needs work and how your website is actually doing overall.

14. Web Development

Freelance experts in web development can help you start up the ideal business website, so it would definitely be worth your time to find one. Make sure you think about whether you want to update your website directly and without help, as well, so you can have this added to the overall design spec, if needed.

15. Web Design

After organizing your website, you have to create its interaction design and look. Do you want a flashy and fancy website or a short and simple one? Think about what would suit your business the most and get a freelancer to design your website according to your personal preferences.


Marketing Freelance Services

16. Event Planning

Do you need to plan a seminar, a conference, or an annual business party? Then you should look into experienced freelance event planners for this. Event planning actually requires lots of organization and planning, so let the professionals do all the work when it comes to this and concentrate on your main business aspects instead.

17. Market Researching

Market research involves doing research on the competition, on customers and on markets, and it can be done in the form of online surveys, focus groups or phone questionnaires. Freelance researchers know which questions to ask and who to ask these questions to, and then give you the results, so you can make your business decisions as needed.

18. Public Relations

If a reporter suddenly calls to ask about customer complaints, employee problems or company crises, what will you do? By hiring a freelance expert on media relations, you can get help with your new business when it comes to this. The best part is that hiring one can help promote the good news of your business and manage the bad news.

19. Search Engine Marketing

Purchasing and optimizing search engine keywords is now an exact science. Because of this, you should really hire an online expert who can help you manage your campaign and ensure that you don't shell out too much money on conversion rates and clicks. In fact, this is probably the one online job where it would be advisable to should spend a bit more in order to get more money as more time goes by.

20. Search Engine Optimization

Also known as SEO, search engine optimization can ensure that your new business shows up in the top results of web searches – an important factor in getting new business and new customers. Nowadays, you can hire a freelance SEO expert to boost your business and ensure that you stay on top. Doing this alone won't just take a lot of time; it is hard, too - most of all since search algorithms are constantly changing in today's day and age.

21. Social Media Marketing

In order for your new business to succeed, you have to use Twitter and Facebook to reach new customers and promote your deals and news. Social media can be hard to deal with, though, because it occurs frequently and in real-time, so things can get hard for you if you work on it alone - most of all if you have to work as a company executive at the same time. Because of this, it would be best to hire a freelancer who can check your social media websites on a regular basisand who will dedicate himself to making your strategy in the social media world succeed.

22. Telesales

If you think telesales will help your business grow, you can hire a freelance team of experts who can connect with customers in an effective manner and get sales out of them. You need to look for those with real drive here, though, as well as those with great references and proven sales records. You also have to make sure that they know everything there is to know about your product or service before they start working for you.


Administrative Freelance Services

23. Accounting

To make sure your new business is set up to succeed financially, you have to look for a reliable freelance accountant who can manage the important monetary transactions of your business. If your freelance account can use certain software for this, that would be even better as this will ensure that you have access to your business finances at all times.

24. Bookkeeping

On that note, a freelance bookkeeper can help your accountant by setting up who can sign the checks, transfer funds and withdraw them. Ideally, your bookkeeper should be able to streamline all of your financial business operations to help you save more money as time goes by.

25. Business Incorporation

Hire a freelance attorney, if you need help with business incorporation. These lawyers can help you set up your business, as well as manage any paperwork needed to do so. To save more money, find a professional in your industry or business for this. This will ensure that you no longer have to pay for overhead costs.

26. Data Entry

Data entry is quite simple, but it does take up lots of time every week and because of this, it would be ideal to look for a freelancer for the job instead. You should look for a freelancer who is efficient, reliable, and fast at typing. Usually, you will be able to hire one by the hour or by the piece.

27. Drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements and Contracts

Freelance attorneys can help you draft any legal agreement that you need. He can even help you create template contracts that you can use for various repetitive procedures.

28. Drafting Work Policies

Every new business, no matter how small, will need several workplace policies and human resources. This will ensure that standards are set and that you have something to turn to if you have problems with an employee. Freelance HR consultants can help you come up with policies and templates for future policies to give your business the professionalism, organization and security that it requires in order to truly succeed.

29. Financial Analysis

You can use financial analysis in the form of business valuation, financial projections and industry trends to stay ahead in today's age and set up your business for ultimate success. You don't have to crunch numbers and look into data analysis yourself, though. No, instead, you can just hire a freelancer who can help you stay ahead of the pack.

30. Tax Preparation

When tax time is on the horizon, you can get ready for success by hiring a freelancer to prepare the tax returns of your business. How great is that?

31. Tax Consulting

On that note, you can also hire a freelancer to deal with your personal taxes and help you look for the perfect scenarios for your business across the board.

32. Trademark Filing

Trademarks refer to distinctive words, phrases, or logos that identify a business and, believe it or not, they need protection. If you already have a certain trademark, you have to hire a freelancer who can do research for you and ensure that nobody has taken that mark yet. This procedure is quite complicated and involves lots of paperwork, so hiring a freelancer for it would be highly advisable.

33. Translation

Successful new businesses usually start locally before they grow nationally and globally. So, if you wish to become more attractive to global customers and different cultures, you need to look for a freelance translator.

34. Virtual Assistant

If you need someone to respond to customers' questions, transcribe notes and organize travel logistics and schedules for you, then you need to look for a freelance virtual assistant. If you are doing a lot of these things yourself right now, try to figure out how much time you are wasting on basic administrative tasks per week. After that, think about the other things you can do with your time instead.

35. Virtual Support

If you think you can deal with some of the small tasks above in order to do your job efficiently, then you can just hire a freelancer for virtual support who can easily deal with the little details that you would rather do without.

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Thomas Wimmer
May 31, 2011 - 1:08 pm
Great suggestions! Thank you. I had never thought of many of these.
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