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Grammar checking and proofreading sites

Discussions related to freelance job sites, blogs, project management, accounting, time tracking & other tools.

Re: Grammar checking and proofreading sites

Postby Timeuser » Sat Dec 24, 2011 7:59 am

These sites can be extremely helpful for my writing jobs. I am not the best speller in the world, nor is my grammar perfect. I'm sure they would be especially helpful for a new writer as well.
Posts: 17
Joined: Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:46 am

Re: Grammar checking and proofreading sites

Postby josh » Tue May 29, 2012 2:11 am

Ginger is a tool that I used that will also help you check your spelling and grammar while writing.
Posts: 15
Joined: Wed Nov 02, 2011 8:43 pm


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