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December 5, 2019

Books for Freelancers

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Here is the Modern Freelance collection of freelance books to help freelancers get their contract businesses off the ground and thriving. If interested, you can be purchase any of these books from

The 2-second Commute: Join The Exploding Ranks Of Freelance Virtual Assistants [Paperback]

Christine Durst (Author), Michael Haaren (Author)

Book Description (from

Virtual Assistants work from home, providing everything from administrative support to high-end consulting via email, phone and fax. Predicted to be a $130 billion industry by 2008, they don't commute, they set their own hours, and they get to spend time with their kids.

Based on the highly-successful Virtual Assistant training programs Chris Durst and Michael Haaren developed for the US Armed Forces and the US Department of State, The 2-Second Commute: Join the Exploding Ranks of Freelance Virtual Assistants brings you the knowledge without the classroom!

Training program participants have billed over $30 MILLION since our training programs started in 2002. Now YOU can learn from Chris & Mike, too, and start your own successful VA business!

Book Details (from


Undress for Success: The Naked Truth about Making Money at Home [Hardcover]

Kate Lister (Author), Tom Harnish (Author), Jack M. Nilles (Foreword)

Book Details (from


Successful Free-Lancing: The Complete Guide to Establishing and Running Any Kind of Freelance Business [Paperback]

Marian Faux (Author)

Book Description (from

Freelancing is one of the fastest-growing job trends of the nineties, but starting up a freelance business involves more than just hanging out a shingle. In this user-friendly, up-to-the-minute guide, veteran freelancer Marian Faux explains everything you need to know. Topics include:

-Establishing a business plan
-Setting up an office
-Negotiating fees
-Handling contracts and agreement letters
-Tax, insurance, and benefits planning
-Expanding your business
-Advertising, publicity, and marketing
-Measuring your success

Both new and experience freelancers-in every field-will find the information they need in order to run a successful, profitable business.


Book Details (from


Freelancing For Dummies [Paperback]

Susan M. Drake (Author)

Book Description (from

Are you ready to fly the corporate coop and become the boss of you? Do you dream of busting out of the cubicle wasteland and finding greener pastures as a freelancer? If so, you’re in good company. The U S Department of Labor estimates that nearly one-fourth of the American workforce is self-employed and that number is sure to increase over the next decade. But do you have what it takes to succeed as a freelancer, consultant, or contract employee? Do you even know what it takes to make it on your own? Here’s your chance to find out.

Book Details (from


Breaking Into Freelance Illustration: A Guide for Artists, Designers and Illustrators [Paperback]

Holly DeWolf (Author)

Book Description (from

Breaking into Freelance Illustration provides a step-by-step road-map for illustrators looking to promote themselves and running a creative business. Written from the perspective of an experienced freelancer with plenty of industry insiders insight added, this helpful guide gives readers everything they need to start a full-time business, see their work published, or moonlight as an illustrator. This book is a down to earth guide that fills in the creative business blanks.

Book Details (from


Freelance Photographer's Handbook: Success in Professional Digital Photography, 2nd Edition [Paperback]

Cliff Hollenbeck (Author), Nancy Hollenbeck (Author)

Book Description (from

Providing useful strategies for becoming a freelance photographer and building a successful business, this in-depth manual offers a complete overview of the profession—from perfecting the art form to project management. Demonstrating important points for getting started—customer service, marketing, billing, and negotiating prices—this comprehensive guide also delves into important matters of law, taxes, permits, insurance, and copyrights. Paying special attention to the evolving role of technology in the creation, marketing, and sales of images, this reference provides invaluable advice on digital photo equipment, computers and software, and custom processing. Loaded with entirely new images, this revised edition details a variety of interests—such as advertising, entertainment, fashion, or travel—and presents step-by-step instructions for turning a passion for photography into an exciting, full-time career.

Book Details (from


How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator [Paperback]

Corinne McKay (Author)

Book Description (from

Freelance, translator, translation, home business, Business, Economics, Careers, Jobs

Book Details (from

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June 8, 2011 - 4:19 am
I'm out of lageue here. Too much brain power on display!
May 9, 2011 - 5:28 pm
Thanks for the list of resources! I've been looking for appropriate reading and this is really helpful.
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