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February 25, 2020

Freelance News

The Freelance News section is your source of the best articles, tips, trends and anything else related to freelancers, entrepreneurs, contractors and small businesses around the world.

"So You’re a Failure"

Source: Freelance Folder June 6, 2011
So you've failed at your latest endeavor. What are you going to do about it? Here are some tips.

"New Web Comedy Focuses on Startups & Entrepreneurship [VIDEO]"

Source: Mashable June 6, 2011
Leap Year, a new scripted web series about the trials and tribulations of founding a startup, makes its debut Monday on Hulu.

"7 Ways to Build Your Network Without Using People"

Source: Lifehack
We all know the importance of building our network. Here are some ideas to focus on without using people.

"Ask FreelanceSwitch: Moving from Full-time to Freelancing"

Source: Freelance Switch June 3, 2011
This FreelanceSwitch column helps beginners by allowing them to ask questions and get answers from seasoned freelance professionals.

"How to Get Started as a Freelancer and Land Your First Real Client"

Source: Freelance Folder June 5, 2011
Stepping away from your stable job and into the world of freelancing can be a little scary. Here are some tips for getting started and landing that first client.

"Beware of ‘Work from Home’ Scams"

Source: Careerealism June 4, 2011
It can happen to any of us, especially today where scammers are getting better and better at cheating the unknowing. Read about some of the latest work from home scams and how to avoid them.

"Recession-Buster Moms"

Source: StartupNation
These Moms have figured something out and have come out on top.

"Reaching Your Limit as a Business Owner"

Source: New York Times June 3, 2011
What to do when the day comes that you've been dreading for so long.

"Creating HTML Emails : An Overview for Web Designers"

Source: Six Revisions June 2, 2011
Sending HTML email is a great way to look more professional and brand yourself or your clients.

"7 Mindsets Holding You Back (And How To Overcome Them)"

Source: American Express Open Forum June 6, 2011
Change your perspective and change your business, for the better.

"Four (more) words every freelancer is scared shitless of hearing"

Source: Guerrilla Freelancing
It's true. These are not words you want to hear as a freelancer. Fortunately there's something you can do to avoid hearing them.

"The Secret To Freelancing – FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!"

Source: Freelance Switch May 31, 2011
It's simple really, but why do so many people still have difficulty following directions?

"Why Choosing A Great Name Is Not Good Enough"

Source: American Express Open Forum May 31, 2011
Have you checked with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to see if your business name isn't being used by someone else?

"What Freelancers Really Do About Vacation"

Source: Freelance Folder May 31, 2011
Freelancers often do vacations differently than the typical worker. Here are some examples.

"The Number One Problem Facing a Digital Nomad (No Pun Intended)"

Source: Lifehack
We freelancers have our own unique issues we need to deal with. Here's one person's solution.

"Forget Harvard: Here's The Entrepreneur Test For The Rest Of Us"

Source: American Express Open Forum May 30, 2011
Harvard has its entrepreneur test, but this one is better. Use it to determine if you're ready to step out on your own, whether as an entrepreneur or a freelancer.

"10 Things to Immediately Do on LinkedIn"

Source: Careerealism May 31, 2011
LinkedIn is all the rage right now with their recent IPO and all. Are you taking advantage of your LinkedIn account? Here are some ideas for LinkedIn you may not have thought of.

"Exceptionally Effective E-newsletters"

Source: StartupNation
Newsletters, especially the e-newsletter kind, can have a dramatic effect on your business.

"Lessons I’ve Learned from Getting Started in Freelance Writing"

Source: Get Paid to Write Online
Ever freelancer learns something different from the business of freelancing. Here are some lessons learned from a freelance writer.

"This Week in Small Business: Oprah, Banks and Credit Cards"

Source: New York Times May 31, 2011
Saying goodbye to Oprah, banks and even credit cards.

"How Your Freelance Business Is Like The Deadliest Catch"

Source: Freelance Folder May 26, 2011
Freelancing is hard work and being a successful freelancer requires dedication and perseverance, just like the fishermen on The Deadliest Catch.

"Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Freelancer"

Source: Six Revisions May 26, 2011
Maria Malidaki offers some advice in the form of questions you should ask yourself when considering embarking on a freelance career.

"The Difference Between Coworking Spaces and Coffee Shops"

Source: Freelance Switch May 26, 2011
Coworking spaces come with a few added benefits over your local coffee shop. Networking anyone?

"Automation to Market Your Business Better Faster Smarter"

Source: StartupNation May 26, 2011
Marketing is one of those essentials that's easy to forget until you realize you have no more jobs lined up. By automating your marketing efforts you can know that it's working, let it go, and focus on the core of what it is that you do.

"How Well Are You ‘Branded’ Amongst Your Contact Network?"

Source: Careerealism May 25, 2011
Do you think of yourself as a brand? Well, if you're a freelancer, then you need to, and here's an article to help you brand yourself further amongst your network.

"Writing a Business Plan? Better Talk to This Guy First"

Source: AOL Small Business
If you still feel the need to write a business plan for your new venture, then you should probably read this article.

"Visualize Your Career With LinkedIn’s Connection Timeline"

Source: Mashable May 26, 2011
LinkedIn seems to be all the rage these past few weeks with its IPO and all. Here's an interesting tool on LinkedIn you may not have been aware of.

"Creating A Framework For Productivity"

Source: Lifehack May 26, 2011
Under the right conditions and space productivity can be greatly enhanced.

"Why You Should Start Your Own Business"

Source: American Express Open Forum May 26, 2011
If you're looking for reasons to start a business or launch a freelance career, here are some good ones.

"Do You Take Advantage Of The Benefits You Get From Freelance Writing?"

Source: Get Paid to Write Online May 26, 2011
There are benefits from being a freelancer, but it's easy to forget them after you've been freelancing for awhile. Here's an article to remind you of the advantages you left your previous job for.

"Is Your Business Tech-Oriented or People-Focused?"

Source: Freelance Switch May 18, 2011
Which one are you? Knowing the answer can help you succeed as a freelancer.

"Freelancing Stag: Can you dance by yourself?"

Source: Guerrilla Freelancing
Some interesting thoughts and ideas on the business of freelancing.

"10 Helpful Inner Practices For The Transitioning Soul"

Source: American Express Open Forum May 18, 2011
Getting in touch with what's going on inside can dramatically help what's going on outside, especially when it comes to your freelance business.

"4 Questions About Twitter Job Seeking"

Source: Careerealism May 17, 2011
If you're curious about job seeking on Twitter, here are some questions and answers that may help.

"10 Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Long-Distance Clients"

Source: Freelance Folder May 17, 2011
Working with clients long-distance can be difficult, but here are some methods you can use to make it easier.

"7 Not So Obvious Habits To Maximize Your Productivity"

Source: Lifehack May 16, 2011
Maximize your freelance productivity with these great tips.

"7 Crazy Good Ways to Use Facebook Sponsored Stories"

Source: StartupNation
Learn about some interesting ways to use Facebook.

"How Social Media Lets SMBs Work Faster"

Source: Small Business Trends May 18, 2011
Learn how to take advantage of social media and make it work for you by speeding up your productivity.

"Ideas for Expanding Your Web Design Business"

Source: Six Revisions May 18, 2011
Here are some great ideas on how you can expand your freelance web design business.

"Do You Take Advantage Of The Benefits You Get From Freelance Writing? "

Source: Get Paid to Write Online May 18, 2011
There are many benefits to being a freelancer. Do you take advantage of all of them?



"Dealing with Problematic Clients and Low Pay"

Source: Freelance Switch May 6, 2011
Thursday Bram discusses the issues of problem clients, low pay jobs and what you can do to deal with it all.

"How to Prevent Procrastination"

Source: Careerealism May 6, 2011
We all do it, but some of us are better at overcoming it than others. Here are some tips on how you can prevent procrastination in the home office.

"How To Find And Select Investors For Your Startup"

Source: American Express Open Forum May 5, 2011
Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, does a Q & A on finding and selecting investors for a new startup.

"Using Quora to Boost a Freelancing Career"

Source: Freelance Folder May 5, 2011
Whether you've heard of Quora or not, it's starting to make its presence known in the freelancing world. Freelance Folder discusses some interesting methods in which freelancers are using Quora to their own benefit.

"10 Ways to Overcome Job Search Phone Phobia"

Source: Careerealism May 6, 2011
Every freelancer needs to make a cold call now and then, and some find it easier to do than others. Here are ten simple tips on how to make the process easier and more likely to result in success.

"6 Efficient Interview Techniques for Freelance Writers"

Source: Freelance Switch May 5, 2011
Some helpful reminders for freelance writers on conducting interviews.

"Compare Price Quotes from Pre-Screened Vendors"

Source: StartupNation
Find the vendors to help get your freelance business off the ground. Startup Nation provides a comprehensive directory of vendors in web services, marketing services, office equipment, security, call centers, software, HR services, legal, insurance and business services to name just a few.

"Mastering Google AdWords"

Source: New York Times
If you have tried creating a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign on Google AdWords, then now may be the time.

"The “Bad Client” Fallacy"

Source: Six Revisions May 5, 2011
Jason Gross comments on the disproportion of "bad client" to the number of articles written about them.

"Boost Business with 4 Old School Marketing Tactics"

Source: Freelance Switch May 4, 2011
Give your freelance business a little boost from these methods used by your parents and grandparents.

"How to Avoid Freelancing Burnout"

Source: Freelance Folder May 4, 2011
Happens to the best of freelancers. Burnout. Here are some tips from Freelance Folder on avoiding it.

"How to Organize Your Paperwork to Boost Productivity"

Source: Lifehack May 4, 2011
Is your desk or workspace out of control? Then you might benefit from reading this.

"Survey Says: What's Your Formula for Success?"

Source: AOL Small Business May 2, 2011
Survey results from asking small business owners the secrets to their successes.

"10 WordPress Backup Tools to Protect Your Blog and Site"

Source: Small Business Trends May 4, 2011
Backups are such a waste of time, right? Tell that to the freelancer who just lost his/her site on WordPress.

"It’s Time To Talk About A Writer’s Ammunition. Again."

Source: Get Paid to Write Online May 4, 2011
Dan Smith guest writes about some great words.

"Tips From The Trenches"

Source: Elance Startup Cloud
Short tips from freelancers on Elance.

"What You Must Know to Survive in a Rapidly Changing Freelance Marketplace"

Source: Freelance Folder May 3, 2011
It's a jungle out there, and to survive as a freelancer you must be prepared with the proper knowledge and tools.

"5 Valuable Online Communities for Freelancers"

Source: Mashable May 2, 2011
Five online job communities for freelancers, including two we didn't have on our freelance job sites' list.

"How to Really Use Your Blog to Find Freelancing Jobs"

Source: Freelance Folder May 2, 2011
Learn how your freelance blog can help you find better freelancing jobs.

"3 Simple Ways to Make Your Resume and Cover Letter Work Together"

Source: Careerealism May 2, 2011
Continuity between your resume and cover letter could be the difference between a job and no job.

"Extreme Minimalism: Andrew Hyde and the 15-Item Lifestyle"

Source: Lifehack May 2, 2011
Andrew Hyde writes about the advantages of minimalism.

"How To Learn From Your Small Business Mistakes"

Source: American Express Open Forum May 2, 2011
Learn from the mistakes you will inevitably make as a freelancer or small business owner.

"Top 200 Leading Moms in Business"

Source: StartupNation May 2, 2011
List of winners from the 2011 StartupNation Leading Moms in Business Competition.

"CHART OF THE WEEK: Microbusiness Perceptions of Economic Conditions Still Weak"

Source: Small Business Trends May 2, 2011
Survey of small business owners shows perceptions of economy still weak.

"The Revenge of the Concise Writer"

Source: Get Paid to Write Online May 1, 2011
Sharon Hurley Hall writes about today's need for brevity in writing.

"A Freelance Translator’s Start-up Guide"

Source: Freelance Folder April 29, 2011
Title says it all. If you want to become a freelance translator, this is a good guide to help you get started.

"Creating a Website that Sends You Hot Leads & Makes You Money"

Source: StartupNation
Does your website generate all the leads you'd like? If not, consider some of these tips on building a website that converts!

"Are You a ‘Job Search’ Superstar?"

Source: Careerealism April 29, 2011
It's no longer about just being good or even great at what you do. Superstars now seem to be everywhere.

"Stress and the Freelance Writer"

Source: Freelance Folder April 29, 2011
Stress often comes with the territory for freelance writers. Here are some ideas that may help you alleviate some of it.

"Kickstart Your Creativity By Writing 750 Words a Day"

Source: Lifehack April 29, 2011
Whether you're a writer or not, sitting down and putting a few words to paper every day can help your creative juices flow more consistently.

"Freelancer, Consultant, Entrepreneur: Which Are You?"

Source: American Express Open Forum April 29, 2011
There really is a difference between freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs. Know the difference and determine what's best for you.

"6 Ways a CRM Tool Can Help a Freelancer"

Source: Freelance Switch April 28, 2011
CRM (Client Resource Management) tools are generally thought of for businesses with more than one person, but in reality they can help individual freelancers as well.

"5 Ways To Help Your Content Go Viral"

Source: Small Business Trends April 27, 2011
Whether your write a blog or post content to your freelance website, getting your content to go viral can ultimately be the difference between success or failure.

"What Have You Sacrificed To Become A Freelance Writer?"

Source: Get Paid to Write Online April 27, 2011
Thoughts from freelance writer Dan Smith on sacrifices.

"FreelancerPro Interview: The Accidental Medical Writer"

Source: Freelance Switch April 27, 2011
Question and answer session with Cyndy Kryder about writing for the medical profession

"Set and Achieve S.M.A.R.T. Goals"

Source: Careerealism April 27, 2011
As a freelancer setting goals is important, but no one but you will hold you to them.

"How to Take a Vacation Without the Internet"

Source: Freelance Folder April 27, 2011
Set some boundaries before going on vacation and return refreshed and with batteries rejuvenated.

"The Human Brand Manifesto: Simplicity, Respect, Openness"

Source: American Express Open Forum April 27, 2011
Some great tips, which can be applied to branding your freelance self.

"Pets and Productivity: Does Having an Animal in the Office Make You a Better Worker?"

Source: Lifehack April 27, 2011
Pros and cons of having your pet by your side as you work.

"What Can YOU Learn from Leonardo DaVinci’s Resume?"

Source: Careerealism April 26, 2011
Take a look at Leonardo DaVinci's 600 year old resume. You may just learn something applicable to the world today.

"How to Use Your iPad for Real Design Work"

Source: Six Revisions April 26, 2011
Unlike the iPad commercials, doing real design work is no easy feat on an iPad. Here are some tips, tools and apps that can help.

"How to Work Through Blog Burn Out"

Source: Lifehack April 26, 2011
If you've ever written a blog for an extended period of time, then you've likely experienced blog burn out. This article is for you.

"What's The Perfect Age To Start A Business?"

Source: American Express Open Forum April 26, 2011
Is there a perfect age to go freelance or start your own business?

"When It’s Time To Go – Leaving Your Current Workplace"

Source: Freelance Switch April 26, 2011
Leaving a job is never easy, but it's always better to know when it's the best choice.

"10 Totally Imaginary Freelancing Tools We Wish Really Existed"

Source: Freelance Folder April 26, 2011
Ever wish there was a tool or app for freelancers that simply didn't exist?

"Tips For Managing Your Online Team: Saros Research"

Source: Elance Startup Cloud
Managing an online team, whether freelance contractors or remote employees, is no easy task. Here are some tips to help.

"Are Dribbble Users Blurring the Line Between Art and Design?"

Source: Six Revisions April 24, 2011
How some graphic designers are using Dribbble and some are not.

"How Many Times A Day Should You Check Your Email?"

Source: Lifehack April 25, 2011
Checking your email too often could be hurting you. Here are some tips and guidelines limiting email obsessiveness.

"Prioritize, Decide, Set Boundaries: 3 Keys to Time Management"

Source: Careerealism April 25, 2011
As a freelancer no one is around to keep an eye on what you're doing, so proper time management is even more critical to your success. Here are 3 simple methods you can use.

"How to Use a Facebook Fan Page to Promote Your Freelance Business"

Source: Freelance Folder April 25, 2011
If your client prospects are on Facebook, then here's an interesting method to market yourself to them through Facebook.

"Twitter Client Generates Leads for Business Users"

Source: Mashable
InboxQ and Seesmic have paired up to generate business leads from Twitter.

"Freelancers - Get Some Ideas for Business Cards For Your Freelance Business"

Source: Freelance Directory
Samples of business cards to make you stand out as a freelancer.

"What’s Wrong With Groupon (and How to Succeed Anyway)"

Source: Small Business Trends April 22, 2011
Many small businesses have had issues with Groupon. Here are some solutions, including alternatives to Groupon.

"Taking Control of Your Schedule with a Home-Based Franchise"

Source: StartupNation
If you're a freelance having a hard go of it or are considering leaving your day job to start out on your own, you may want to consider franchise possibilities.

"A Freelancer’s Guide to Cloud Hosting Versus Geo Hosting"

Source: Freelance Folder April 22, 2011
If you're a freelancer hosting websites on a shared environment, you may want to consider other options to allow for growth of your business.

"Identifying Opportunities for Innovation [VIDEO]"

Source: American Express Open Forum April 22, 2011
Insights from Ramon Ray, Guy Kawasaki, Scott Belsky and Chris Brogan at this years Consumer Electronics Show.

"Effective Communication Tips for Web Designers"

Source: Six Revisions April 22, 2011
Web design is much more about communication than it is about making something look good, yet many freelance designers don't seem to fully understand that concept even today in 2011.

"Home-Based Business Tax Deductions: 5 Things You Need to Know"

Source: AOL Small Business
You may be able to deduct more for your home-based freelance business than you realize.

"The Four Most Genius, Paradigm-Shifting, Industry-Altering Web Development Articles of the Entire Decade"

Source: Graphic PUSH
A walk through some of the best articles in web development over the past 10 years.

"10 Steps to Grow your Business"

Source: StartupNation
If you want to grow your freelance business, then you should go through these ten steps to see where opportunities lie.

"40 Entrepreneur Blogs You Should Be Reading"

Source: Elance Startup Cloud
Whether you're an entrepreneur or a freelancer here's a list of great blogs you can learn from to advance your startup, company or career.

"Small Business News: Small Biz Social Media Guide"

Source: Small Business Trends April 21, 2011
Using social media in ways you may not have thought of to advance your freelance business.

"11 Lessons Web Designers Should Learn from Painting Portraits "

Source: Freelance Switch April 21, 2011
Whether you come from a fine arts background or not, here are some insights to be learned from painting that can be applied to web design for freelancers.

"Can a Layoff Be a Blessing in Disguise?"

Source: Careerealism April 21, 2011
Sometimes bad news can open doors to opportunities you hadn't thought of or were too afraid to consider.

"Are You Ready for These Freelancing Challenges?"

Source: Freelance Folder April 21, 2011
The life of a freelancer comes with a few challenges. Make sure you're ready and know what to expect as you make the shift to freelancing.

"8 Simple Storytelling Tips For Business Owners"

Source: American Express Open Forum April 21, 2011
Knowing how to tell a good story has many benefits.

"5 Reasons Why Virtual Teams Fail"

Source: GigaOm April 20, 2011
Learn why virtual teams fail and what you can do to prevent it from happening to your virtual or freelance team.

"Tip of the Day: Hire People Smarter Than You"

Source: AOL Small Business April 20, 2011
Short tip suggesting that you hire people smarter than you.

"3 Reasons You’re Not as Productive as You Think"

Source: Careerealism April 19, 2011
Doing more with less has become the mantra for many organizations. See just how productive you are and learn how to become more productive as a freelancer.

"How the Global Economy Has Changed How We Freelance"

Source: Freelance Folder April 20, 2011
Technology and the communications revolution has helped grow the global economy, which has had a dramatic impact on how freelancers work today.

"How To Create A Professional Online Image At Low To No Cost"

Source: American Express Open Forum April 19, 2011
Advice on building a professional image for yourself as a freelancer without hiring others.

"Could You Stop Freelance Writing?"

Source: Get Paid to Write Online April 20, 2011
Dan Smith reflects on his life as a freelance writer.

"How to Brand Yourself as A Freelancer"

Source: Freelancer Magazine
Joe Balestrino writes about how to best brand your freelance business and stick out in the minds of prospective clients.

"Top reasons to choose freelance workers insurance"

Source: The Pesta April 20, 2011
No one ever wants to buy insurance until they need it. Freelancers often have tight budgets and dishing out that premium every month can be a drain. However, professional indemnity insurance is something you should consider to protect yourself against unforeseen events.

"Avoiding Unscoped Work from Unreasonable Clients"

Source: Six Revisions April 17, 2011
As a freelancer you have less time to deal with unreasonable clients than larger companies to, so follow these steps to limit or avoid these common issues in the first place.

"5 Ways to Boost Your Retweets"

Source: Freelance Switch April 19, 2011
Follow these simple suggestions to increase the quality and volume of your Twitter tweets being retweeted.

"The 8 Business Skills of the Profitable Freelance Writer"

Source: Freelance Writing -
There's so much more to being a successful freelance writer than simply writing well.

"120 Self Promotion Ideas for Graphic Designers & Freelancers (Free or Almost Free)"

Source: AG Design
Long list of great ideas for any freelancer to boost awareness of their freelance business.

"How to Make Your Freelancing Website More “Cutting Edge”"

Source: Freelance Folder April 19, 2011
As a freelancer more is often expected of you, including your website. A great, hip, up-to-date website inspires trust.

"New Study Says Most Marketers Plan to Increase Social Media Spend This Year "

Source: Mashable April 19, 2011
Major brands are spending more on social media.

"How to Become A Highly Paid Web Designer Freelance"

Source: GoFreelance April 18, 2011
Small things you can do as a web designer to bring in lucrative freelance work.

"Freelance Writers: How To Charge More Than $10 Per Article – Part 4"

Source: Get Paid to Write Online
Great advice for freelance writers wanting to charge more for the articles they write.

"Why You Need Multiple Domain Names"

Source: American Express Open Forum April 18, 2011
Not having the right domains for your freelance business can have disastrous consequences.

"Preparing for a Freelance Career"

Source: Freelance Folder April 17, 2011
Follow these steps to prepare and get ready to launch a successful freelance career.

"32 Jobs Your Startup Should Hire Online Instead Of Onsite"

Source: Elance Startup Cloud April 18, 2011
Starting and running a new business requires more work than many entrepreneurs realize, and attempting to do all the work yourself can be a recipe for disaster. Here's a list of jobs and/or tasks you can easily outsource to freelancers and give you the time to focus on the core of your business.

"5 Tips for Keeping Remote Workers in the Loop"

Source: Mashable April 18, 2011
Avoid common pitfalls of communicating with your freelance and/or remote workforce.

"25 Easy Ways to Fine Tune Your Freelancing Business"

Source: Freelance Folder April 18, 2011
Strategies and tactics to ensure your freelance business is on track and what to do to keep everything aligned.

"Sweet Treats: 3 Women Entrepreneurs Discuss Money And Chocolate"

Source: American Express Open Forum April 18, 2011
Unhappy with the service or product you've received from a restaurant or some large brand? Express your dissatisfaction by doing them one better and creating your own.

"Fine-Tuning WordPress for SEO"

Source: Six Revisions April 15, 2011
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critically important to bringing people to your website. If you use WordPress and want more traffic to your site, this article can help.

"10 Quotes To Examine Your Business By"

Source: Small Business Trends April 15, 2011
Quotes from the 2011 Growco Conference by Inc Magazine.

"Cheaper, Better Customer Service? Try ‘Homeshoring’"

Source: StartupNation
'Homeshoring' freelancers are incredible resources to small and medium sized businesses.

"3 New Twitter Apps I Can’t Live Without"

Source: Freelance Folder April 15, 2011
Great Twitter apps for freelancers.

"5 Recommendations for Assembling a Successful Team of Freelancers"

Source: Mashable
Hiring and managing a team of freelancers can take your business to the next level, but it requires proper planning and management.

"The Myth And Pitfalls Of Solo Entrepreneurship"

Source: American Express Open Forum April 15, 2011
How entrepreneurs and freelancers can work together towards business success.

"Two Magic Words That Will Make Your Customers Beg For More"

Source: StartupNation
Simple, yet enticing logic to get your clients asking for more.

"2011 StartupNation Leading Moms in Business Competition"

Source: StartupNation
StartupNation's third annual competition to rank extraordinary moms/entrepreneurs in business.

"Navigating the Pitfals of a Client-Friend Relationship"

Source: Freelance Switch April 15, 2011
It's possible to have client-friends, but you still need to keep your head about things.

"7 Social Networks You’ve (Probably) Never Heard of but Should Check Out"

Source: Careerealism April 15, 2011
Niche social networks including Blogster, Bebo, DailyBooth, Italki, Jaiku, MocoSpace and SocialVibe.

"What Is the Most Important Quality an Entrepreneur Should Possess?"

Source: AOL Small Business April 15, 2011
Several successful entrepreneurs submit their two cents on what qualities entrepreneurs should possess. Included are JJ Ramberg, Rieva Lesonsky, Eric Ryan, Dylan Lauren, Julei Jumonville, Tate Chalk, TomSzaky, Gary Whitehill, Bob Parsons, Phil Town, Steve Strauss and more.

"4 Ways to Find Good Writers for Your Blog"

Source: Tumble Moose April 14, 2011
Finding and hiring a freelance writer to contribute or write for your blog is a great way to add new insight for your readers, not to mention give you more free time to do other things.

"Marketing tips from Lady Gaga"

Source: Guerrilla Freelancing
Whether you like her or not, Lady Gaga can teach us all a thing or two about marketing ourselves.

"8 Easy Ways To Make Your Customers Love You"

Source: American Express Open Forum April 13, 2011
Set your self apart from your competitors and get your clients to love what you do for them with these simple methods.

"4 Famous Workaholics (And The Secrets of Their Success)"

Source: Lifehack April 13, 2011
Working hard is necessary for business success, especially when it comes to freelancers. However, working hard and working smart together will enhance your chances at succeeding at what you do.

"6 Ways To Grow On The Cheap"

Source: American Express Open Forum April 12, 2011
Very good ideas on growing your freelance business.

"What Lucky People Do Different"

Source: Jonathan Fields - Erik Calonius April 12, 2011
Perhaps there's more to luck than meets the eye.

"9 Digital Marketing Lessons From Top Social Brands"

Source: Mashable April 12, 2011
The value of social media marketing can be great if your approach it correctly.

"Top 5 Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make"

Source: Mashable April 11, 2011
Common website design mistakes that can easily be avoided.

"4 Reasons a Remote Workforce Might Be Right for Your Startup"

Source: Mashable April 11, 2011
Interesting ideas and incentives for building a remote workforce of freelancers and telecommuters that you may not have thought of.

"7 Simple Ways to Painlessly Increase Your Freelancing Rates"

Source: Freelance Folder April 11, 2011
Great tips and suggestions on how to increase your freelance fees without alienating your clients.

"Are You Thinking Big Enough with Your Business?"

Source: April 11, 2011
Some questions to ask yourself before you jump into your next great business idea.

"The Seven Most Interesting Startups At 500 Startups Demo Day (TCTV)"

Source: TechCrunch April 8, 2011
Some interesting startup ideas brought to fruition by 500 Startups accelerator program.

"5 Simple Web Apps For Saving Time At Work"

Source: American Express Open Forum April 8, 2011
Apps you've probably never heard of that can help you save time at work.

"Mark Zuckerberg: Why It’s So Hard NOT To Like Him"

Source: American Express Open Forum
See a different side of Mark Zuckerberg.

"The Shy Freelancer’s Guide for Face-to-Face Networking"

Source: Freelance Folder April 8, 2011
Here are some great tips and conversation starters to help make face-to-face networking easier and more rewarding.

"Bedroom Businesses: The naked truth behind building a business from home"

Source: Guerrilla Freelancing
Getting a home based business off the ground has never been easier or cheaper than it is today, but there are some things you should still be aware of.

"How to Work with a Virtual Assistant: A Guide for Freelancers"

Source: Freelance Folder April 6, 2011
With the help of a virtual assistant you can free yourself of the many common tasks that may be slowing down your freelance business.

"7 Items Freelancers Should Back Up but Probably Don't"

Source: Guerrilla Freelancing
Great article for freelancers to help manage expectations with customers and clients and carve out time to be better at what they do.

"Why Always Being Available Is Killing Your Business"

Source: American Express Open Forum April 5, 2011
Great article for freelancers to help manage expectations with customers and clients and carve out time to be better at what they do.

"5 Traits of a Great Small Business"

Source: AOL Small Business April 4, 2011
Good ideas for freelancers wanting to take their small businesses to the next level.

"17 Tips for Designers on Starting a Freelance Business"

Source: DesignM.AG
Some great tips for new freelance graphic designers setting up shop.

"7 Ways To Limit Profits In Service Business Or Consulting Practices"

Source: American Express Open Forum March 31, 2011
Stop handicapping yourself with these practices and start earning more with your business.

"5 Simple Career Management Tips Everyone Should Follow Starting Now"

Source: Careerealism March 31, 2011
Regardless of your job position here are some easy career tips you should follow so you can continue to climb that ladder of success.

"Are You Worried About the Future of Freelancing?"

Source: Freelance Switch March 31, 2011
Lower rates, freelance bid sites and the future of the freelance marketplace.

"Sign up for the Creative Freelance Conference"

Source: Creative Freelance Conference
June 23-27, 2011 - The Creative Freelance Conference, to be held this June in Chicago, is sponsored by HOW magazine and Marketing Mentor and targets creative freelancers and entrepreneurs including designers, illustrators, photographers and writers.

"Do You Have the One Crucial Skillset All Freelancers Need?"

Source: Freelance Folder March 30, 2011
The importance of being good or great at your primary freelance skill may be overshadowed by your inability to do well at this less talked about but just as important skill.

"Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make"

Source: American Express Open Forum March 29, 2011
Avoid common pitfalls small businesses make when marketing themselves on Facebook.

"The Secret Language Of Your Creative Genius"

Source: Entrepreneurs Journey March 29, 2011
Learn how play can open up your creative genius inside.

"What 5 dead guys can teach you about freelancing"

Source: Guerrilla Freelancing
Some interesting lessons to be learned about freelancing from Bob Marley, John F. Kennedy, Napoleon Hill, Bruce Lee and Kurt Cobain.

"6 Signs it's Time to Change Careers"

Source: Careerealism March 29, 2011
84% of Americans say they would like a new job this year. Are you one of them? Find out if it's your time to change jobs and/or your career path.

"4 Reasons to Blog as an Entrepreneur"

Source: Startup Nation March 28, 2011
Blogging can open you up to a world of opportunity as an entrepreneur.

"10 Tips for Learning How to Run a Virtual Team"

Source: GigaOm March 25, 2011
Running a virtual team requires more than you may think.

"Small Business News: Creative Marketing Secrets"

Source: Small Business Trends March 24, 2011
Tips, trends, tricks, resources and an overview of today's small business landscape.

"Social Networking Strategies for Finding More Work"

Source: Six Revisions March 24, 2011
Take advantage of your social media network and use these strategies to find new clients, generate more leads and increase sales.

"9 Reasons People Won't Link to Your SMB Site"

Source: Small Business Trends March 23, 2011
Having a difficult time generating backlinks to your website? Review the possible reasons and make the necessary modifications to improve the quality and quantity of your website's backlinks.

"The Workshifting Reality"

Source: Workshifting March 22, 2011
What is workshifting? Maybe you workshift yourself but just aren't aware of it.

"How Objections to Social Media Are Killing Your Business"

Source: American Express Open Forum March 18, 2011
If you think social media is still just a fad, then you absolutely need to read this.

"Understanding The 'Thank You Economy"

Source: Flowtown March 16, 2011
Businesses and entrepreneurs who want to flourish must understand the "Thank You Economy." Be authentic, let loyalty drive your business, take every client / customer seriously, and most importantly, be willing to change.

"Why Freelancers Don't Really Need a Business Plan"

Source: Freelance Folder March 15, 2011
Business plans are becoming a relic of the past, particularly when it comes to starting up and running a freelance business.


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